Panocreator functions


Features online – and many more to come!


With the world’s first HDR app for RICOH THETA cameras, you can now take impressiv 360º HDR images fully automated. Download the RICOH THETA HDR app powered by PANOLIFE at your app store for FREE (available for Android and iOS).

Once the app has been installed, it can be connected directly to your RICOH THETA and 360º images can be created by just pushing one button.

Three differently illuminated 360º pictures will automaticaly be assambled on your smartphone to creat one imposing 360º HDR panoramic image.

You can easily upload your 360º images to the PanoCreator to safe time when editing the 360º tours in your PanoCreator account.

Get the most out of your RICOH THET and improve the quality of your 360º images with the world’s first RICOH THETA HDR app powered by Panolife.

virtual surveying

With FEELESTATE-Surveying it is possible to measure distances between two spots in your 360ºimage in real time. You only need two clicks in a 360º image and you will see how far the measuring spots are apart. This great function allows you for example to determine whether or not pieces of furniture fit in the desired location in the room without having to manualy measure the whole room.

Tours release

With the release function you decide which client is allowed to see your tours individually. You can select which images are public within a panoramic tour and for which the customers require your authorization . The customers can at any time request for your approval within a tour .
This way you can generate new leads because customers have to enter personal informations to send their request for you access legitimations. With the realese function you protect your clients privacy and foster your marketing effords.

One-Click PDF creation

With the integrated PDF-Creator our PANOCREATOR automatically generates a PDF document, containing a link to your 360º tour. This PDF document serves as an entry point for your potential customers and redirects them to your panoramic property tours. Upload the PDF directly to all major real estate platforms, load the into your CRM system or send them directly to your customers.

Embed code

The Panocreator you created all relevant codes for embedding that you need for easy integration of the 360º tours into your website . This saves you the costs for external service provider. The PanoCreater offers different ways of embedding depending on how much space is available on your website. A suitable option is provided automatically.


Privacy protection is very important to us. For this reason we have developed a special privacy codec for our PanoCreator. With the Burring feature you can easily hide licence plates, faces, expensive artwork or safety relevant details and make them unrecognizable. This way you can insure your clients that their privacy is not beeing compromised within the 360º tours.

Social Media Integration

FEELESTATE 360º tours are optimized for Facebook & Co. and can easliy be integrate into your fanpage. As soon as you copy a tour to your profile, previews will be generated automatically. This way you can keep your followers informed about your offers and take your social media marketing to a new level.

Automated revocation

The possibility of a cancellation , the automated mail to , is already included . Access to password-protected tours are optional and free of charge provided via e-mail with a revocation function.

Automatic visual limitation

With automatic view limitation a tripod used for taking 360º images automatically is beeing cut out of the 360º image. Using our specially designed FEELESTATE Monopod, no limitation need to be made  because its slim design leaves no traces in the 360º image.

Panolife Loading Algorithm

The Panolife FEELESTATE loading algorithm enables high quality images inside the 360º tours to be loaded and displayed within milliseconds. With this algorithm we ensure fast access to the panoramic images and fluid progression of the 360º tours regardless of the speed of your internetconnection.

Security via SSL encryption (PanoCreator certificate)

The SSL protocol provides secure connections from three viewpoints :

    • The connection is private because encrypted through the network its content goes .
    • The identity of the server is fixed.
    • Effective algorithms check whether the data reaches its respective receiver completely and unchanged .

Floor plans and levels

Add different levels to your property tour and integrate floor plans for a better overview. Place hotspots into the floor plans for an easier navigation within your 360º tour.

Statistics tool

With the integrated statistics tool you can gain valuable information about visitors of your 360º tours. See how often your tour was visited, which rooms were looked at the most and for how long did potential customers stay into your tour. Find out what properties were viewed recently and what properties are most popular among your customers.

Design for Mobile Devices

Equipped with the latest HTML5 viewer , the screen always adapts to mobile devices showing the tour name, the entire image gallery, the individual levels and the floor plan.

automated e-mail correspondence

A reputable e-mail correspondence with your prospective customers is important whether in the answers to access requests for restricted areas within your tour or the general automated access emails. With reputable e-mail design and e-mail responsive functions so automated e-mails are always displayed correctly .