Stativ Monopod

Exclusively for the Ricoh Theta


The Panolife FEELESTATE Monopod, designed especially for RICOH THETA cameras

With this slim and compact monopod you can take perfect  360° images with your RICOH THETA camera even in the smallest rooms.

  • Ideal for 360º Property Tours
    Also great on rough construction sites and wherever large tripods have limited space.
  • Stable-Base
    with non-slip rubber on the monopod stand, which ensures a firm grip and stability on soft or slippery surfaces
  • Air-Draft
    for an easy adjustment of the monopod length and locking any position.
  • Click-IN
    for a quick mounting of the RICOH THETA camera.
  • Durable
    extremely lightweight and stable aluminum construction.
  • save Handling
    non-slip foam handle for use in all weather conditions.

Feature | Click-IN

Prepare for a 360º property shooting in just a few seconds with the patented Click-In system for RICOH THETA cameras

With the Click-In system it is now possible to connect the RICOH THETA camera and FeelEstate Monopod with just one click . To dismount the camera from the monopod, lightly press together the outer hinges until the camera relieves and can be easily removed.
The Click-In-Adapter is small enough to stay mounted to the camera and still not be disruptive during transport of the camera in your pocket.

Stativ - Ricoh Theta

Beide Scharniere leicht eindrücken und Adapter-Platte entfernen.


Sehr kleine Klick-iN Adapter-Platte zur Montage an der RICOH Theta Kamera.

Feature | AiR-Draft

Stativ - Ricoh Theta

AiR-Draft – Beide Knöpfe eindrücken, um Stativ auf minimal Höhe zu versenken.

No screws , no cliffs – thanks to the new Air-Draft technology

Easily lock the monopod length at the desired height. With Air-Draft the shaft segments are fixed automatically. No screws or cliffs required! By pushing a single button you can slide  together the segments of the monopod so you can store it again for the next use. Every FeelEstate-Monopod is standardized and therefore compatible with the PanoCreator surveying feature.

Feature | Stable-Base

Safe positioning of the FEELESTATE Monopod in the terrain with Stable-Base.

Pull out the three feet at the monopod base until they are locked in positions. With a touch on the button, placed at the connection between feet an shaft of the monopod, the feet can be unlocked and quickly folded back together. Stable-Base provides a stable stand on every surface for the FeelEstate-Monopod.

Special features and technical details


  • Panolife’s FeelEstate-Monopod
    exclusively developed for RICOH THETA
  • Monopod-Bag
    stylish transportation bag with an extra pocket for your RICOH THETA camera
  • Click-iN adapter
    to mount the RICOH THETA camera with just one click

Elegant Design

  • high quality material
    aluminum, robust and resistant
  • Patented Click-iN System
    simple attachment of the RICOH Theta , no inconvenient unscrewing longer necessary .
  • Max. height
    1500 mm (standardized for FeelEstate-Surveying feature )
  • Min. height
    535 mm


  • Thread / Connection
    1/4″ (6,4 mm), compatible with RICOH THETA
  • Weight
    750 g
  • Leg segments
    4 pieces (3 time extendable, Air-Draft technology)
  • Guarantee
    1-year warranty, no guarantees (legislation)